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Dr. Kathleen Hartford

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Neurological Health

The Control Room

All functions of the body require balanced neurological information. This neurological information flows from your brain over the nerves of the spinal cord exiting between the 24 movable bones of the spine and innervating every cell, tissue and organ of your body the body must then be able to response in like information over these same nerves and pathways. A stressed or damaged nerve system is not able to communicate at 100% capacity. This loss of perfect communication of the nerve system translates to a lack of function of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. Long-term lack of function of the cells, tissues and organs of your body create dis-ease, a lack of ease and flow on all levels of health. Neurological interference can be caused by trauma, toxicity, and negative emotional events.


Integrative Wellness Approaches

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Neuro-emotional Technique
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Massage
  • Rolfing
  • Alexander Technique
  • Trigger point Therapy
  • Physio balls
  • Functional Exercise
  • Core Exercise
  • Yoga or Pilates


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Natrona Heights, Chiropractor | Neurological Health. Dr. Kathleen Hartford is a Natrona Heights, Chiropractor.