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Dr. Kathleen Hartford

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Spiritual Health

All Life Is Sacred; One Earth, One People…

My life experience has shown unequivocally that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The process of discovering our true source and sense of self is the path that will lead us to self-realization and optimum health. To accomplish this, we must first honor and appreciate the “all that is” in every blade of grass, every sunset, every living creature, and see every man and woman as the brother and sister of the self.  Our Spiritual Walk is very unique and personal. I simply invite you to hold the possibility of the following concept:

Within YOU is a Source of Harmony, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Love and Healing Your Exploration Becomes:

  • Why did you disconnect from this Source?
  • How do you reconnect to this Source?
  • How do you maintain that Connection Source?


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Natrona Heights, Chiropractor | Spiritual Health. Dr. Kathleen Hartford is a Natrona Heights, Chiropractor.