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Weight Loss/Nutrition

Fit, Fun and Fabulous For Fat Loss and Energy!

Fit, Fun and Fabulous is a supported biological rejuvenation lifestyle and weight loss approach that anyone can follow.  Developed by Dr. Kathleen Hartford, it is based on a very effective program she has utilized for her patients at Health Pyramid Longevity and Vitality Center (her practice in the Pittsburgh suburb of Natrona Heights, PA) to create changes in blood values such as cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, and more.

The program is in the infancy of creating a coast-to-coast network of Fit, Fun and Fabulous coaches.  Whether you are looking for a program to enhance your health or you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity to be a part of a grass roots effort to change the face of health in America, the Fit, Fun and Fabulous complete weight loss system is for you.

Fit, Fun and Fabulous stops and will reverse the accelerated aging process, which leads to the diseases of aging such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and lifestyle related cancers (all of which are now affecting our children).  In fact, it was recently reported that 1/3 of all cancers and type2 diabetes are directly related to obesity and inactivity.

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The complete Fit, Fun and Fabulous weight loss system includes the book, a cookbook, journal, Youtube exercise channel, meditation CD and personal coaching.  This system is one of the few to utilizes medical food proven to reduce inflammation, high quality magnesium to help the nutrients pass through the cell wall, and our essential fats and omega 3 formula providing a high yield of EPA/DHA combined with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3.  This combination produces results in three months that would normally take two years to achieve with a strict Mediterranean diet alone.




The program’s approach is based on the reversal of the biomarkers of aging, as defined by Tufts University.  Tufts research from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging shows that by adopting a pattern of activity and balanced eating, it is possible for virtually anyone to slow down the aging process and maintain functional capacity and vitality for a long time.

Participants and coaches for the Fit, Fun and Fabulous program will learn:

  • Losing weight does not make you healthy; weight loss occurs naturally when you reclaim your health
  • How aging and weight gain are connected
  • What your hips, stomach, and upper thighs are trying to tell you
  • Why following all of these fad diets, made you a Skinny Fat Person
  • 12 biomarkers of aging and how to address them
  • Why inflammation is primarily the cause of most health problems
  • How to reduce your biological age to look better, feel younger, and increase your energy
  • The importance of maintaining your nutrient balance
  • The role your body shape plays in your health
  • Why hormone balancing is crucial be it thyroid, estrogen, or insulin
  • The emotional toll stress plays on your chemistry and your energy
  • If you or your children have Metabolic Syndrome
  • Relaxation techniques that balance your nervous system
  • How to promote the parasympathetic nervous response where all healing, relaxation, and repair occur


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If you still have questions or for more information, please contact us at or call at 800-893-5000.  Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

Natrona Heights, Chiropractor | Weight Loss/Nutrition. Dr. Kathleen Hartford is a Natrona Heights, Chiropractor.